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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Fine Day Blues

Fine Day Blues
(( promo's ))
2 - instrumental - 2
5 - simpler mix - 5
6 - accapella - 6
Now this really is a favourite of mine, and my nephew Scotts tooo, hence the reason hes splashed everywhere in pic as he decided a while back he wanted to appear in the Video Production to this...
I decided to rip the varying versions and post them for all to hear and Njoy! and make sure you listen to the original tracks 7 and 8, and you will hear my small influence from the old skool hip hop, aswell as how this was originally formalised, but commercialised of-course!!! and thnx to Chard for his excellent influences, and all legal tooo of-course...
Old Skool Beats, A nice Bluesy Guitar lick, very simple laid back editing, of-course the SL1200's scratching, me and some dodgey Beat Box, and a nice lick of lyrics to finnish it off. A definate uplifter for the younger male generation... till next time... (song info)

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