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Monday, 5 March 2007

'BANG' song video using Quake1 engine.

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This Multi-Media promo has taken a long long time to do, but is slowly getting closer to completion now. The Song and Video so far are about 6minutes, allthough the finnished product I am guessing will end up at about 15mins, including an instrumental and player free map sound-scape.
I still want to apply some video effects, as well as editing the audio more dynamically, so as to add to the impact of the video, aswell as following the Gfx I still have to add. I will be sooo glad to put this little baby to rest, as it really had been all blood, sweat and tears, but as you can allready see, its been well worth it! And finally then, Quak1 and all my related goodies can finally Rest in Peace. hmmm, or maybe not?

Songs inspired by Quake 1

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its good for you

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