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Tuesday, 14 November 2006

My nephews AND my neice are the BEST!

My nephews AND my neice are the BEST!
Now look, Im gonna be totally biased so get over it!

Yep! we all say that eh, I knooooww, but anyways, from time to time when I am working in my studio, and the kids turn up, they immediately begin to take over my studio, and I leave them to it, but with the RECORD BUTTON ON!

And occasionally, we actually construct a small song or two, you know what I mean. And I have to say that Charlee definately has the most staying power in this department, so much so that she created these gems below... Catch-Up here...

psst, dont forget the rest of the kids section tooo for the more maternially inclined out there... :wink: aaah bless, they sound sooo cute when they are young eh!

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