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Thursday, 3 August 2006

Copelands 'Welcome Love' gets a face-lift

Now when I first heard the original version of 'Welcome Love' by 'Copeland' I immediately knew i could give this a face-lift, allthough I didn't realise just how good it would turn out to be...

Have a listen to a preview clip ...here... (reduced to protect Copyright Owner) and you will hear just how much more impacting this song now is.

Visit my Copeland Home-Page at Sony's Acid-Planet ! HERE ! and click on 'Play Song' to hear the Full-Version (you will need to register). You will notice the song has been transformed from being an Easy Glam Rock number to an Explosive, Foo Fighters meets Green Day number. Definately a face well lifted here, even if I do say so myself.
And without putting tooo much emphasis on the learning curve, I didnt realise just how much post production could achieve when being applied to a live performance until I worked on this track. A real big eye opener I can tell you. But then, it has to be said, I was allready working with a Brilliant Track in its own right, so you could say the hard work was allready done, and by Copeland!

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