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Monday, 1 January 2001

the 'Big Bad Beats' Promotion

ok, oK, OK, Since I slipped up on the 'Big Bad Beats' promo c.d which I was supposed to launch in 1999, I decided to pull the plug on it (about 50 cd's went out though). The AnArAkS out there would have spotted the terrible phazing on some of the songs, no excuses here,,,I just ''Plain-F****d-Up''.

Anyway, I've been asked if you can still down-load some of the tracks, and so, against my better judgement, here they are in their original quality, until I get round to re-do'ing them...(I will re-edit them if and when they get attention as I am waaay to busy makin more newer tunes :)

And just to make your ears bleed, you get to hear them in full length, so get those ear-plugs out all!

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